Pablo Rubio's work reflects a proposal for dialog and reflection between the spectator and a place, as a starting point born from the depth of mind and memory. The intimacy of the work of art seeks to sink within a secret place, rather individual or collective, where the architectural space is defined as a "non place", mental and symbolic, fed by the looks of those who inhabit, those who occupy and push, as a lost, childish recovered memory. An inhabit memory.
Pablo intends to bring out uncertain questions concerning a time, time itself. A way of thinking that is born, delivered and departs, to come back again, ascendantly, time after time. He makes reference to a place we were chosen to be apart of, in which we feel, intimately observe a path of union, holding and protecting the absence, pain, illusion and recovered volatile childhood, of which we question secrets and instants, memories of entangled architecture.
The artist seeks a personal discovery, an invitation to dream, a place where the most intense realities fit in and automatically communicate, questioning all states of human identity, driven by the spectators participation.

And so the earthy black cords transform into our vital roots. Broken, dirty, and rickety books. Old and oxidized sheets that absorb us as a whole, furtherly elevated to an expired present. A future memory attached to a lost forgotten dream. A deconstruction of who we are, sometimes individual, other times collectively. A historic multiplication and mythological, mystical search to the flow of life. Mutilated self-portraits, blind and fragmented.
He speaks about acceptance and affirmation, renovation and purity. A language that connects space to intimacy, in a silently loud night flight. Blur and liquid memories as a silent naked testimony, a trip that arrives to destination, ancient luminous oxidized tracks that continuity dissipate in our footsteps... hypnotic, fragmented paper memories. Lost memories.

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